Friday, November 16, 2007

In what other ways does KROGER Suck?

OK, I started off a list of ways that Kroger sucks ... at ... and ways their pharmacy sucks ... at ... and how they are "not customer friendly" at:


See what you think of what I wrote and what others said about Kroger (in pages I excerpted or to which I provided links). And, if you have some additional stories to share about other ways they suck or have unfair policies, deceptive advertising, and otherwise are not customer friendly, please click on COMMENT below and chime in.

Or if you feel strongly the other way, scroll down to the next blog posting (my first one), and click on COMMENT there to add evidence to the contrary.

Just please be mindful of where you go grocery'ing or Rx'ing and do other shopping. Your blind loyalty encourages their bad misdeeds. Only when enough of us get mad enough (or disappointed enough) to go to a competitor do they realize they've cut back service too much or tried to go too far with policies and processes that annoy and hassle customers.

What do you think?

T. Rx

Do you disagree? If so, go ahead and add your 2 cents ... but don't try to use too many coupons! ;-)

I think it's important in the Web 2.0 spirit of things to provide a forum for those with different perspectives and opposing viewpoints to comment on my comments -- like those I posted when I launched my new website last night at .

I'd bought the address shortly after a very bad customer service experience with the pharmacy manager at the Kroger Marketplace in Dublin just after their grand opening on Memorial Day weekend 2006. But I resisted the urge to use it (and my other called, which is currently just a mirror of the first) until Kroger insisted on being "not customer friendly" and making up new silly policies about their willingness (or lack thereof) to take competitors coupons -- like their sign and ads claim: "We Gladly Accept All Competitors Coupons."

Speaking of "not customer friendly" ... I also have a website domain of "" and I can list a hundred names of companies or people as subdomains in that blank. Yes, I have a site active for both:


Currently, they too are a clone of the main site. But later new iterations will evolve in ways that are more specific about each's LACK of being "customer friendly." And I suspect I'll need to add a few other companies names I used to do business with as future domains. When I have time ... if I ever have time ... I have to shop around a lot to find half-way decent customer service. That takes a lot of time. ;-)

But just one per person ... per day at most ... some interpret it as a longer period should elapse or some amount per month or per year is excessive. Don't bring them too much business from their competitors ... unless you're willing to leave those prescriptions there for the rest of the refills left ... even if the competitors started 14 months ago offering drugs at $4 that they were still charging $9 or $11 or more for ... up until just recently -- after they banned me from ever entering any Kroger again ... for using too many coupons.

Anyhow, I would love to hear from those who think Kroger doesn't "suck" ... or list examples of ways they excel ... I'm sure they do in some ways. I was impressed with a few of their pharmacy managers -- like the one at Bethel who just replaced the one I disliked so much at Dublin (she's gone off to Medco Health where she won't have to SEE customers anymore -- lucky them!)

Click on COMMENT to add your thoughts ...

If you want to list more evidence of ways they "suck" or occurences of bad experiences with Kroger or its pharmacy or other subsidiaries, please go to the other posting (one up from this) and add your comments there.


T. Rx